For Dentists

Privvy was started by a dentist's son who witnessed his father's frustration with the low reimbursement rates, tedious claims process and the many other burdens placed by dental insurance on his practice.

Together they set out to create an easy way for dentists and patients to connect directly.

What We Do

Privvy helps dentists offer their own memberships directly to patients. Offering your own memberships helps your practice:


Attract new patients

Memberships help alleviate the cost concern barrier that keeps 40% of people from visiting the dentist.


Increase patient loyalty

Memberships help your patients feel a sense of belonging to a dental home and member benefits like discounts increase their willingness to stick with your practice for the long-term.


Increase patient compliance with treatment plans

Roughly 50% of uninsured patients don't come back for recommended treatment after visiting for a perceived problem. Memberships provide a practical way to encourage recommended treatment and keep dental expenses within their budget.


Control your rates

Memberships are based on your fee schedule. Your membership fees reflect what is best for your patients and your practice, without interference from a third party.

Bringing Privvy to your practice ensures your memberships are powered by the modern technology and services your patients expect. Let us help you make memberships successful at your practice.


Free and easy to set up

  • Sign up to create your practice's Privvy account.

    Regulation Assistance: Guidance for your practice on state regulations concerning memberships.
    Support for Multi Location Practices: Manage all locations within one Privvy account.
  • Create your memberships with Privvy’s advice and market expertise.

    We set up conference calls to learn about your practice and work with you every step of the way to ensure your memberships are launched successfully.
  • Create customized email campaigns to invite patients.

    Invite your patients to join your new memberships in a few clicks by sending a customized email campaign from within your Privvy account.
  • Use our turn-key marketing material where you want (e.g. in-office, online, email, etc).

    We ship you you 100 professional flyers (on us!) to help promote your memberships. We also send a digital copy that you can re-print as needed and share on social media.


Includes payment processing fees.
  • Simple self-enrollment for patients: Patients enroll in your membership online from any device and get their own online account to manage their membership.
  • Automated membership payments: Patients' membership fees are automatically withdrawn from their designated payment method each month.
  • Easy benefit tracking: Allows your practice to track used vs unused benefits for every member.
  • Customer service: Privvy provides customer service for your patients and staff to keep your memberships running smoothly.
  • Automated deposits: Membership payments are automatically transfered to your practice's bank account.
  • Ongoing HIPAA compliance: We ensure HIPAA compliance is maintained over time while you and your patients use our software.

Learn More About Privvy

Let us know you're interested in learning more by submitting the contact form below. One of our team members will set up a call to learn more about your practice and answer your questions. We look forward to connecting with you!