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When you don't get dental benefits from your job, navigating your oral care is more complicated than it should be. With privvy, keeping up your oral health is easy (and enjoyable).

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Reduced Dental Fees

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Your first visit will be for a checkup and cleaning. This ensures that your dentist can properly evaluate your oral health and create a customized treatment plan with recommendations regarding future visits.

Privvy Fee Market Fee
Checkup + Cleaning

$195 $450
  • 1 Comprehensive oral exam
  • 2 Full mouth scan (x-rays)
  • 3 Teeth cleaning
Keep up good oral health with your dentist's help.

Re-visit for routine cleanings and any issues that may need to be addressed along the way (all at reduced fees).

Privvy Fee Market Fee
Routine Oral Exam
more info
$40 $150
Routine Teeth Cleaning
more info
$95 $190
more info
$151 $350
Tooth Extraction - Simple
more info
$157 $475
Tooth Extraction - Surgical
more info
$283 $683
In-Office Teeth Whitening
more info
$300 $450
Root Canal
more info
$940 $2,000
Porcelain or Ceramic Crown
more info
$1,240 $2,250
Dental Implant
more info
$2,100 $3,909
Teeth Whitening Take Home Kit
more info
$200 $325
Clear Braces Consultation
more info
$0 $75

Didn't find the service you're looking for? Contact us and we'll look up the fee for you. With Privvy, you get reduced fees on all dental services.

*Privvy Fees are estimates based on our actual negotiated fees with dentists, however fees may vary slightly based on each individual's unique oral health condition. Market dental fees are listed for comparison and calculated by FAIR Health, a nonprofit organization committed to bringing transparency to healthcare costs.

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